est. March 2001

Our main purpose is to have fun.
(If you find yourself NOT having fun, please notify someone.)

Being true to our gang roots, we have no dues or fees, no official positions or titles and no rules.

You participate as much as you like and any suggestions
(even those made by occassional meeting-goers) are welcome.

A vote, spork fight or dragrace will be used to settle any major disputes.

Despite the "Air Coolers" title, we welcome ALL VWs.

The first step to becoming an Air Cooler is to register with our website.
Once you're registered you will have access to
Air Coolers Calendar of Events, Air Coolers Chapter and Technical Forums,
Air Coolers VW Classifieds...

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Q. I have a Kia Sephia, can I be an Air Cooler?
A. No, but you can ride to the meeting with a friend who has a VW.

Q. I have a Pontiac Fiero, can I be an Air Cooler?
A. No, but i guess you could walk to the meeting and tell everyone your VW is "under construction".

Q. I have a VW Passat, can I be an Air Cooler?
A. Yes, all VW owners are welcome.

Q. My VW is broken.
A. Mine too, don't let that stop you from participating.